STOP Going to School & START Going to Learn

STOP Going to School & START Going to Learn

Parents, students and anyone thinking about going to college, it’s important that you watch this video. It’s going to make a lot of people uncomfortable, but if it helps inform a few of you, then it’s worth it.

Our team has spent the past 18 months meeting with academics, experts and employers across the country, learning as much as we can about the issues Americans are facing in Education and Employment. We buried ourselves in data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, sat in countless meetings with top HR Departments and had honest conversations with roomfuls of teachers and educators (the true heroes of the education system).

And everything led us to one controversial conclusion: We don’t have a jobs crisis, we have a skills crisis. And college is the #1 culprit.

Record highs in both college tuition and student debt are colliding with curriculums that aren’t adequately preparing students for the workforce. And even worse, they aren’t getting graduates jobs. There are 7 million unemployed people in this country, with nearly 6 MILLION JOB OPENINGS! Employers I talked to across several high growth industries are in desperate need of talent. But they can’t find the people who have the skills they need to succeed. They are spending tens of millions of dollars on training and retraining, hiring and firing. Many of the world’s leading companies – from Google to Apple to Hilton to Starbucks to Nordstrom – are now NOT requiring degrees for many of their jobs. They know the system is broken.

We need a new Path for learning. One that focuses on experience, is led by experts, and ends in employment. At Besomebody, we are working hard at building a solution. We want to get young people started on the right foot, and help unemployed people get back to work. Please watch this video. If you believe in what we’re doing, have ideas on how we can do it better, or want to be part of the solution, we would love your help.

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Sometimes SCHOOL is not the best place to LEARN. #besomebody.